Thursday, March 8, 2012

Satin and Velvets and Crepe, Oh My!

I've been sewing like a crazy person lately! A friend graciously gave me a ton of fabrics and old clothing for upcycling and I've been trying desperately to make room for it all as I have a very small studio space. As it stands, half of it is in my closet! My best solution was to just start making things for my online stores. I recently finished and sold a Regency overdress in a dark hunter green. I'd never made one before so this was my first attempt. Since posting, I've had two custom requests for the same piece in different colors!

I am still slowly working on the blue Victorian bustle gown. A friend was interested in purchasing if it fit so I stopped working on it for a while until I could do a fitting just in-case I had to adjust anything. Well, it didn't fit so I'm finishing it up to sell! I decided to do the buttonholes by hand which is also something I've never done before. Its actually pretty relaxing and looks great with the Dorset buttons! 

The first item that I've listed so far, from the gifted fabrics, is suitable for Renaissance fairs. Its made more for comfort than accuracy in that it is slightly stretchy, only has boning to support the lacings, and there is elastic in the chemise. This was completed in a day and half, it would have been a day except I ran out of brown thread!

This dress can be found here

I have a couple of Renaissance era shirts left, a custom Regency overdress similar to the one above, and then I plan on starting this:
The nerdy side in me always wanted to do something medieval with a little fantasy thrown in! I'm not sure if I'll keep the sleeves as pictured. I like the idea of having them open and a fitted sleeve underneath. Please excuse the figure, all my croquis templates are of the modern form. ;-)

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