Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finishes and Fixes

I finished the other Renaissance era shirt that I was given. Just like the last one, this one had to be completely taken apart and re-sewn. I decided to try a little imitation blackwork on it to see if I liked the look enough to try on future projects. Turns out I love it so I'm making plans for some men's and women's wear.
I'll definitely be doing the next embroidery by hand and of course larger, or more detailed. 

I made some more progress on the Victorian today and I'm discovering a few small issues that need fixing. The buttons had to be re-positioned after the buttonholes were finished. I'm not sure how that happened but at least that was an easier fix. 
I just love the way the buttons look with the matching piping! I cant wait to see it all finished with the rest of the trim! 

As the buttons went on, the bottom pieces didn't match up. So that needs to be fixed as well as some of the boning on the inside. It's slipping around in the casings so I need to stitch them up.
I am using a Truly Victorian pattern for this piece, with the sleeves omitted from the bodice. I cut the bodice and the skirt in the same sizes however, the skirt is miles larger than the waist of the bodice. So I'll also be taking apart the waist band and resizing to fit. I originally cut this to my measurements but there's no way it will fit me even with a corset. Sad but true! 

Oh yeah, I also need to invest in a nicer dress form. This one arrived bent in a trashed box and I was never able to fix it. I've got my eye on one of those fancy ones with arms... :)

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