Thursday, June 23, 2011

Slight Costume Break...

I decided to take a brief break from my costume pieces so I could work on my other project, Di Nuovo. Di Nuovo (it means "again" in Italian) is my line of purses and bags that are made from mostly recycled materials and leftover fabrics from my costume projects. I never liked the idea of throwing away clothes or fabric scraps since I've always felt there was something that could be done with them. So here it is!

There's just a few items right now in my Etsy store but more items will be added weekly and coupons will be available to facebook fans monthly! 

Di Nuovo Etsy page:


  1. This is cute! It's great to find uses for scraps, normally I'm too sick of the fabric to use it again.

  2. Thank you! And sorry for the late response! I am generally sick of fabric after large projects as well but I didn't want it all going to waste. I love fabric and hate throwing it away!