Thursday, June 9, 2011


Its been a busy week so far! The voile Regency gown was finished Sunday and I immediately started the Steampunk gown on Monday! I've never made anything from the Victorian era or a Steampunk ensemble so this is a fun new challenge for me. I'm basing the look off of a Truly Victorian pattern. I decided to do the skirt first and so far its been pretty easy. I always do French seams where I can and I started using a quilter's scant quarter inch foot to ensure precise seam sizes. I love it!

 I added a pleated hem to the apron in dark gold. I plan on adding the same hem to the skirt, just as soon as I finish pleating. All by hand with a ruler and pins! Oh, if you've never tried setting pleats with vinegar water I highly recommend it. I'm not sure why its so effective but it sets the pleats really well!

Here is the draped skirt and a close-up of the pleats. I'm not quite sure what other embellishments I'll add. My process tends to evolve as I go rather than me map it all out. But for now, this is where its at!  

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